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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions FAQ

Do I need to have a south facing roof.

not necessarily, the yield might be less if not south facing, maybe an other place is better, like a carport or freestanding panels in your garden. Ask for free calculation for your situation.

Do I need a permit for solar panels?

Yes, the ministry of eneryi has made a law in which all solar {also not connected to the grid} systems must have a permit.

Can I ask for permission after installation?

If you had panels before the new law it is possible. If you connect to the grid, it is wise to aks for permission first. Kibtec has to looke if you have the right electricity meter and if the transformers in your area can handle your solar power.

How many panels do I need?

This depending on your situation. The direction, location and angle of installation have influence on the yield. Your usage per month and per year will give you the sum of energy you need. Ask us for free advice and we will calculate the best mix for you.

Can solarpanels start a fire on my roof?

WIth many solarsystems there is a higher risk of fire. OUR system does NOT work with high DC voltage on your roof, which is the cause of the fire risk.

If the Grid fails, do I keep the power from my solarpanels?

No, unfortunatly the systems and hybrid inverters that make this possible are for the moment not allowed in north cyprus. If this changes in future, we will certainly sell these systems.

Do my panels need to be on the roof?

No, you can have them free standing, on your carport or on a balcony or roofterras.

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