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Tryhamsolar is specialised in GRID tied Photovoltaic Solar systems


Sun harvesting

Tryham Solar is set up with only one thought in mind. Try to get Solar widespread in the TRNC.

This way we can all use the natural resorces that we get for free here in North Cyprus.

In our opinion the connection with the grid, which is now available will be the best solution for an optimal return of your solarsystem.


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Our advantages


Tryham Solar will take care of all the permissions you need, to have a grid tied installation. We also take care that you get ther right electricity meter.


We do the installation of your solar system ourselves. This is according to EU standards and the local regulations.


Our system works with saver 240 volt AC currents on your roof, these means no fire hazard and no dangereous high DC voltage in your house.

We work with the best materials and products, to make a save installation in your home. We clean after our work and use electric tools where the plugs are on.


Our system is modular, if you want to start with a system, we can later extend it if neccassary. No need to buy a new bigger inverter, because you get  more panels.

Solar management


The management of your system is done through a display or through your PC.

If you have an internet connection we can login to your system and monitor the output of the system and keep a preventive eye on the system functions.

You can keep track of what your system supplies and monitor your system that way.

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