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finally possible

Since June 2014 Photovoltaic panels can be used in the TRNC in connection with the grid.

For years it was only possible to have stand-alone installations. These where expensive and needed much maintenance because of the large amount of battteries in this system.

Now in connection to the grid it is possible to make the optimum use of solar energy.

People with holiday homes can benefit although they are not here the whole year.

Most people do not use the same amount of electricity during summer and winter months. Now it is possible with a balanced  system, to make the optimum benefit of your solar.


cyprus highest sun irridation in europe

Cyprus is famous for its high amount of sunhours. Many people wandered why we make so little us of all this sun and take care of our energy needs in a environmental good way.

We welcome all people with and we trust you will find what you are looking for if you would like to produce your own electricity.

We only supply high quality products and take pride in estatic and well engineerd installations

Netmetering TRNC

when you sign a contract with Kibtec for netmetering of your solar installation, it will give you the possibility to deliver your surplus of electricity to the grid.

You can deliver back to the grid with a maximum of 250 Kw per month.

The electricity that you delivered back is not payed out to you. It is possible to use it another time when you need more electricity.

your surplus of electricity stays on your account for a periode of one year. after this year counters go back to zero.

High return on investment

Depending on your installation it is possible to get an investment return of between 6-25% per year.

As the last few years prices dropped, installation costs can be recouped within 3-6 years.


Permit required

For the use of any solarpanel system (grid tied or stand-alone) you need permission of the ministery of energy and Kibtec.

When you order with us we take care of all permissions before we install your system.

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